I first met Lina in February 2019 at a meditation retreat in the Golden Bay in New Zealand.

I actually didn’t understand what kind of retreat I signed up for – I thought it was a yoga retreat with a bit of meditation. It was one of those life-changing, meant-to-be moments actually, because if I had known it was a meditation retreat, I wouldn’t have signed up for it. I am endlessly appreciative that I did.

When you first meet Lina, you instantly sense her beauty inside and out. Over the three-day retreat I was guided through experiences I could never imagine – deep meditation and relaxation as well as awakenings. I wanted more, so post the retreat I signed up for one-on-one sessions with Lina.

As my husband would say, after each of my “Lina magical calls” – as they were to be dubbed in our house – I would feel lighter, more at ease and washed of whatever trouble, belief or thought that previously concerned me. We worked on some deep-seeded beliefs and emotions that caused me great pain, and to be released of that pain is something I am forever grateful to Lina for – I can already hear her saying “you did that Gina, not me, I only guided you” :).

I learnt to better understand my own vibrational energy and how I can access it, work with it and bath in it at any time thanks to signing up for “the wrong retreat” and meeting Lina.

She is a beautiful being that I wish upon anyone looking to rediscover their bliss.