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Golden Bay

Golden Bay is home to some of New Zealand’s most stunning natural landscapes, from majestic sand dunes to crystal-clear springs, with a vibrant community at its heart. Each and every beach you encounter is like a single unique stone joining this beautiful necklace-shaped land. A short drive down from Shunyata will take you to a beautiful fine-sand beach at Pohara—the gateway to the Abel Tasman National Park. Along the way there, the golden sand and turquoise waters of Tata and Wainui beaches are waiting to be explored. To the west, an extensive area of coastline and bushland borders the rugged Kahurangi National Park, finishing at the northernmost tip of the South Island—the sandy Farewell Spit and the world-famous Wharariki beach.

Te Waikoropūpū Springs

Te Waikoropūpū Springs are the largest freshwater springs in the Southern Hemisphere and contain some of the world's clearest water ever measured. Stretching for miles underground is the aquifer: a mysterious maze of limestone tunnels that purifies the crystal-clear water and sends it bubbling up to feed the land. To local Māori, who are protectors of its mauri (lifeforce), this waterbody is wāhi tapu (sacred) and holds spiritual powers. Arriving at one of the clearest waters in the world feels like coming back in touch with Source.

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