Lina Leimonte

Lina Leimonte

Lina is a spiritual guide and healer from Europe, sharing the sacred gift of Shakti transmission through Shaktipāt with the world. Shakti is the primordial, divine energy, and creative potential inherent in all beings. To receive Shaktipat is a rare and sacred spiritual initiation of the Kundalinī Shakti awakening—the personal Shakti (divine) energy residing inside in its dormant state. Through direct experience, practice, and living everyday life, Shakti works for one's spiritual realization.

Also, during one-on-one meditation sessions, she guides people through the challenging emotional aspects of their everyday lives, which can arise intensely during spiritual development.

Lina also is founder and guide of „Shakti Path“, an international community, connecting the discovery of the True Self and their own True Nature seeking people with awakened Kundalini (awakened Consciousness).

Just as she was before Self-Realization, she is living an ordinary life, validating that true spirituality is not separate from our everyday lives and that both are compatible. There is no need to retreat from one’s duties and responsibilities in order to follow a spiritual journey toward Self-Realization.

Lina is not following any specific traditional Hindi teaching; she does not represent any lineage or teacher and is not a part of any cult or religion.

More information about Lina’s teaching: www.leimonte.eu


Lee Nelson

Lee is a retired wellness doctor who, over 30 years ago, had a radical shift in consciousness into absolute silent Stillness, preceded by a Kundalini awakening. This Stillness (Shiva) and the energy of Awakened Kundalini (Shakti), manifests not only as a vibratory current, but also as joy, delight, bliss, love, and humor. These manifestations are contagious and can be transmitted.

Lee’s way of teaching is simple. Through the explanation of meditation, he guides people into trusting and surrendering to the inherent stillness and peace that coexist as this vibrant energy within everyone.

His guidance is aimed at the realization of both Shiva and Shakti simultaneously.