From its very inception, Shunyata had a single but very clear purpose—to provide guidance to people following the path of Awareness and Self-knowledge.

Some time ago, our world suddenly changed. Life finally provided people with the time they needed for themselves—something that had been truly lacking. When this genuine meeting with themselves began, a need to uncover real inner peace, truth, and understanding was also ignited, during a time of deep worry and uncertainty.

The global stop also united the entire world online. The sharing of information, teachings, and workshops was brought to another level, making the truth accessible to anyone with an internet connection, no matter where they’re located.

During this time, Shunyata’s purpose expanded, evolving organically on its way to becoming a local, international and digital platform contributing to the raising of consciousness, all around the world.


Shunyata - Awareness, Meditation and Retreat Centre provides access to truthful teachings, practices, True knowledge, and guidance. It unites competent teachers from different traditions and paths, helping those on the journey toward pursuing a deeper and more extensive understanding, discovery, and experience of themselves.

During both live and online events, experts, teachers, and skillful yoga masters will be invited to guide people into this knowledge, and to experience each level of what it means to be human—spiritual, emotional, physical, or mental/intellectual. Because all of these levels are intertwined and thus play a role in one’s spiritual journey, in the ultimate truth of Unity, there is no separation.

Shunyata is located at the top of New Zealand’s South Island, in sunny Golden Bay—an area famous for its abundance of nature and spectacular views that nurture the senses. Our centre is also a platform where like-minded people in our global community get together to connect and learn. We are happy to welcome everyone—everywhere—into our growing community dedicated to the healing and unification of body, spirit, and mind.

The heart of our centre is the beautiful octagonal Meditation House, which has won a number of top architectural awards. Built into natural limestone rocks and native bush, the space has been designed to direct the attention inwards, offering a truly peaceful atmosphere, and helping to unfold new levels of experiences from within one’s being.