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3-Day/5-Day Shaktipat and Meditation Retreat “Coming home” with Lina Leimonte. Special event

January 27, 2023 - January 31, 2023

3-Day/5-Day Shaktipat and Meditation Retreat “Coming home” with Lina Leimonte. Special event

Finally, the world has opened up again, and people can meet each other not just via Zoom or chat. They can share their experiences as they sit together in the same room, on a plane, or at a live event.

Therefore, we are overjoyed to invite everyone from around the world—Lithuania, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, USA, and here, in New Zealand—who have been attending online and live retreats and intensives, and who have received Shaktipat or met Lina, to this uniting event at Shunyata.

We have called it the “Coming home” event, because, after such a long time, we will finally be meeting with each other again, sharing our experiences, and meditating together.

Also, we are especially inviting those who never have met Lina or received the Shaktipat, but have a longing to embark on their own spiritual path, come back or start over. Because Shaktipat is the awakening of your consciousness—your body consciousness—it is a recognition of your essence and true Self.

During the event, we will bring back home our awareness—not only inside, into the Centre of our Being and our Self—but also to the consciousness of our body, which we are usually leaving outside of our awareness. Emma Donald, Restorative yoga and Nidra yoga teacher, will cover the body-consciousness level, helping to bring awareness back into the body, and integrate the energy and experiences.

“I would like to share a series of simple yet profound yogic movements designed to release contractions and integrate Shakti,” says Emma. “The movements are all about coming home to a peaceful awareness of the consciousness within the body. Movement with this awareness can bring a sense of deep pleasure and help us to care for our physical and energetic bodies. The exercises can be used as a homing beacon in everyday life to help bring us back to our internal reality.”


For more information on what is Shakti, Shaktipat, please visit:

Unfortunately, our center is not able to provide accommodation at this time. However, we are more than happy to send you a list of the places you may want to stay at during the exceptional intensive, as well as give you some tips and recommendations. Please check out the Airbnb options, too.

Price: (special price for the special event)
3-day  295 NZD + 30NZD per day for lunch (accommodation not included)
5-day  495 NZD + 30NZD per day for lunch (accommodation not included)

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January 27, 2023
January 31, 2023
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